300-346 MHz Directional antenna Y5 ALT M


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Electrical specifications

Model Y5 ALT M
Operating frequency band, MHz 295-350
VSWR, not more than 1.5
Gain, dBi 8.5
Sector, -3dB
in vertical plane 60°
in horizontal plane 75°
Polarization vertical
Impedance, Ohm 50
Max. power input, W 200

Mechanical specifications

Model Y5 ALT M
Weight, kg 1.5
Size, mm 1030x500x130
Construction material Aluminium alloy
Mast diametr, mm 38-65
Rated wind velocity, m/s 45
Wind loading area, m2 0.0536
Load of side wind 45 m/s, H 65
Rated wind velocity with 0.5" icing, m/s 28
Temperature range, °C from -50 to +50
Connector N-female

Our new design development is a five-element wave channel with loop vibrator and symmetrical feeding system Y5 ALT M. The antenna is implemented in more strong variant. The mechanical strength of this new antenna is ensured by the welded construction and cast silumin legs that allow fixing antenna on the mast of diameter 38-65 mm. The demountable vibrator improves the protection against the weather impact.

Y5 ALT E-plane pattern

Y5 ALT H-plane pattern

VSWR diagram, Y5 ALT M

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