300-360 MHz Band Pass Duplexer DPS4-4A, DPS4-6A


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Electrical specifications

Model DPS4-4A DPS4-6A
Operating frequency band, MHz 300-360
Insertion loss (adjustable) not more, dB 1 1,5
Band pass, kHz 0,9 1,5
Impedance, Ohm 50
Isolation, not less, dB 55 70
VSWR, not more than 1,5
Input power, not more, W 200
Temperature range, °C from -30 to +60
Cavity electrical length 1/4λ

Mechanical specifications

Model DPS4-4A DPS4-6A
Diameter, mm (ins.) 110 (4")
Weight, kg 6,2 8,5
Connector N-female
Mount to 19-inch rack yes
Length/Width/Depth, mm 400x480x230

We suggest you to utilize DPS4-4A and DPS4-6A duplexers, if you are planning to construct multichannel 300 MHz repeater but unable to install two separated antennas. It will provide, together with wide-band D or DS series antenna, operation of repeater at standard duplex separation of 36 MHz and will easily pass transmitting and receiving frequency bands. In DPS4-4A and DPS4-6A each arm represents two- or three-jar 4" coaxial cavity preselector. DPS4-6A duplexer provides wider transmitting and receiving bandwidth, than DPS4-4A.

Typical duplexers response curves



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