23 cmMobile reject duplexerMDF1-6-23cm


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23 cmMobile reject duplexerMDF1-6-23cm

Electrical specifications

Model MDF1-6-23cm
BAND 23 cm
Channels RS1-RS28
Pass band, MHz Low band 1242-1243 1270-1272
Pass band, MHz High band 1270-1272 1298-1300
Insertion loss (adjustable) not more, dB 1.5
Frequency separation TX/RX, MHz 28
Isolation, not less, dB 80
VSWR, not more than 1.5
Input power, not more, W 50
Impedance, Ohm 50
Temperature range, �C From -20 to +40
Cavity electrical length 5/4

Mechanical specifications

Model MDF1-6-23cm
Weight, kg 1
Application Indoor
Connector N-female
Mount to 19-inch rack Optional
Dimensions, cm 280x155x35

Typical duplexers response curves

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