400-490 MHz Preselectors PS4-2U, PS4-4U, PS4-6U


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Electrical specifications

Model PS4-2U PS4-3U PS4-4U PS4-6U
Operating frequency band, MHz 400-490
Insertion loss (adjustable) not more, dB 1 1,5 2 3
Max. frequency bandwidth, MHz 1 1,5 2 4
Impedance, Ohm 50
Gain see figure
VSWR, not more than 2
Input power, W not more than 300
Temperature range, °C from -30 to +60
Cavity electrical length 1/4λ

Mechanical specifications

Model PS4-2U PS4-3U PS4-4U PS4-6U
Diameter of cavity, mm (ins.) 110 (4")
Weight, kg 3,1 4,4 5,7 8,3
Connector N-female
Mount to 19-inch rack present
Length/Width/Depth not more, mm 360x480x115 360x480x225

Conditions of UHF range communication systems development require broadband receiving filters with U-shaped characteristic. Moreover, the more receiving channels you have, the wide band must be. Our preselectors PS4-4(8)U, thanks to modular design, enable to increase the number of channels adding additional filters and conducting necessary adjustment. These filters provide repeater operation trough common antenna without duplexer used, at standard 10 MHz frequency separation.

Preselectors typical gain-frequency characteristics



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