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  • Downtilt kit
    MN-1, MN-2

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    Electrical specifications

    Model MN-1 MN-2
    The length (m) of the panel antenna to be fixed up to 1 above 1
    The width (mm) of the antennas to be fixed up to 350 above 350
    The tilt angel, degrees 15 9
    The capability of the mounting on a wall available
    The techniques for the mounting on a mast clamp "norma"
    CP-55D (mast 25-55 mm)
    CP-115 (mast 60-115 mm)
    CP-220 (mast 115-220 mm)

    For mechanical correction of the radiation pattern of sector antennas we propose special gears being manufactured by our company and made of steel of 2 and 4 mm thickness by means of the pressing technique. The metal is protected by a zinc coating. These gears allow to tilt the antenna by 0 to 15 degrees (depending upon the length of antenna). The tilt gears parameters are given in the Tables 1 and 2. The antennas with the tilt gears can be installed at the plane surfaces (wall) or at the mast of diameter up to 220 mm.

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