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    The "Radial" company was founded in 1997 in Moscow.

    Rapid development of mobile radiocommunication systems in Russia over the last ten years has demanded a huge number of fixed antennas. And the small private enterprise, which had been involved in manufacturing CB-antennas for telecommunications, quickly reacted to market concerns and redirected to manufacturing 138-174 MHz frequency range antennas. Partly, investments were made by engineering companies interested in fast delivery of high-quality inexpensive base station antennas.

    Increase in number of transmitting terminals in large cities soon made electromagnetic environment more complicated. The need of high-selective devices appeared. First coaxial cavities had been successfully sold on the market and the "Radial" company activity received publicity all over the country. Creation of warehouse offering a full range of RF-components allowed the company to produce not just separate filters, transmitter combiners and duplexers but also to integrate whole (complete) multichannel trunking radiocommunication systems.

    Our service center can offer the best base RF-equipment configuration available for customers, concerning current radio-frequency plan and type of antenna system in use.

    Our customers are both independent business radiocommunication systems integrators and radiocommunication service divisions in such major departments as Ministry of Railway Transport, Service of the River Transport, mineral resource, oil-refining and gas-processing industries, service of the forest conservation and timber industry, Ministry of Internal Affairs, fire protection, Federal Security Service, Ministry of Defence and lots of other organisations.

    A lot of our directional antennas operates on the north and south borders of Russia on pipelines. Adjoining Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan have showed some interest in our products also.

    About 40 technicians and engineers are working at our production site in Moscow.

    We sell up to 10 complete multichannel systems, several tens of duplexers and filters and hundreds of base station antennas monthly.

    Expanding our manufacture, we hope to draw our foreign partners' attention to our products too. Our prices are quite attractive, considering the high quality of our production. Assistance in selecting the equipment and developing the optimal solution for each specific commercial installation ? that is the option we can interest you with.

    The development of 3G mobile telecommunication systems and wireless Internet access solutions forces us to develop the devices operating on higher frequency. 806-970 GHz and 1850-1930 GHz frequency range antennas and duplex filters are already being tested in our research laboratory.

    We plan to produce 2.4 GHz and 3.5 GHz antennas in the near future.

    With a hope for fair and mutually beneficial cooperation,

    Eugene Slodkevich,

    The "Radial" Company Chief Executive.

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