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  • 400-490 MHz
    Bandpass/bandreject filters PRF4-1U, PRF8-1U

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    Electrical specifications

    Model PRF4-1U PRF4-2U PRF8-1U PRF8-2U
    Operating Frequency band, MHz 400-490
    Insertion loss (adjustable), dB 0,5-3 1-3 0,5-3 1-3
    Impedance, Ohm 50
    Rejection level Δf BP/BR=5MHz, dB 30 70 30 70
    VSWR, not more than 1,5
    Input power, not more, W not more than 300
    Temperature Range, °C from -30 to +60
    Cavity electrical length 1/4λ

    Mechanical specifications

    Model PRF4-1U PRF4-2U PRF8-1U PRF8-2U
    Diameter, mm (ins.) 116 (4") 206 (8")
    Weight, kg 1,25 3,2 1,75 4,2
    Connector N-female
    Mount to 19-inch rack optional yes optional yes
    Length/Width/Depth, mm 360x110x110 360x480x115 360x206x206 360x480x212

    Band pass-reject filter PRF4-1U is tuned to pass specific frequency and to reject another specific frequency simultaneously.

    Filter PRF4-1U with band pass-reject feature is essential if nearby interference is present. Install this filter in receiver antenna section and tune rejection in to interfering signal, and you will appreciably improve receiving conditions attenuating interference by 38 dB. Filter PRF4-2U has higher characteristics at corresponding loss Band pass-reject filter PRF8-1U is tuned so as to pass specific frequency and to reject interference frequency simultaneously. If single filter will help you to eliminate strong nearby interference, then dual will enable to produce duplex repeater with separate receiving and transmitting antenna. PRF8-2V installed in these sections will provide complete isolation from transmitter carrier frequency and its noise for any antenna spacing.

    Typical selectivity characteristics



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