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  • 1070-1100 MHz
    Vertical antenna A5-ADSB

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    1070-1100 MHz Vertical antenna A5-ADSB

    Electrical specifications

    Model A5-ADSB
    Operating Frequency band, MHz 1070-1100
    Adjustable no need
    VSWR, not more than 1.5
    Gain,dBi 5
    Impedance, Ohm 50
    Max. Power input, W 100
    Sector in H-plane (-3 dB) 360В°
    Sector in E-plane (-3 dB) 25В°

    Mechanical specifications

    Model A5-ADSB
    Dimensions, mm 550x46x46
    Weight, kg 0.5
    Mast diametr, mm 35-70 (CPK-70)
    Construction material copper
    Rated Wind Velocity, m/s 55
    Temperature Range, В°C from -50 to +50
    Connector N-female

    Antenna science says that for a high-gain antenna requires a narrow diagram. But in the case of a narrow lobe ADSB control limits the reception area planes flying in a vertical sector of 30-80 degrees.

    Therefore, in this case, has been developed extensively small antenna diagram in the vertical plane and a small gain A5-ADSB, providing reception sector from 0 to 80 degrees.

    E-plane pattern A5-ADSB

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